We are

dynamic, agile, transformative.

Driven by the continuous change! This guiding principle is the foundation of our commitment. We advise companies from start-ups of the Internet industry to small and medium-sized enterprises of traditional industries. We also consult with our knowledge when you are funding start-ups or other companies. Depending on the requirements, we accompany our customers at specific, project-related or extended periods. Always with the goal of sustainably anchoring our guiding principle in our customer’s organization.
With our exclusive network of experts, we can cover all organizational disciplines and areas.

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Executive Board

The management of DEVCONT Beratungs GmbH

Cengiz Kurt


Serial entrepreneur and start-up expert

About DEVCONT Beratungs GmbH

DEVCONT GmbH was founded in 2007 by Cengiz Kurt to develop products and services for companies, especially in the field of software, internet and multimedia applications. DEVCONT is already invested in several companies in the Internet industry and also acts as an active investor (DEVCONT Beteiligungs GmbH). Since its foundation, DEVCONT has also evolved into a consulting company (DEVCONT Beratungs GmbH). Benefit from our years of experience and get to know our exclusive network of experts.