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Your sales figures have been declining for some time?
Do you feel that your business success is being threatened by the increasing digitization in your industry?
Do you believe that there is a need for action in this context for your organization?
But you just do not know how to tackle this topic concretely?

We are happy to help you!
Learn with us to explore and capitalize on the opportunities of digitization for your business.
With our exclusive network of experts we can access more than 100 years of (!) experience with digital business models and bring them to your company. And we cover (almost) all the necessary disciplines and areas.

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The digital transformation is inexorably taking its course and already has a significant impact on our society, but also on economic life.

Especially in the economic sector, the impacts are tremendous. New competitors with disruptive business models emerge overnight and shake up entire industries. If, as a company, you do not already prepare yourself for the future, despite the fact that the business is doing well right now, you have to expect to face major problems in a few years’ time or even be desperately suspended by the competition.

We support established companies to understand the rapid changes in the economic environment driven by digitization, to integrate them in their own corporate culture and to take sustainable advantage of them for their own business success.

But we are also happy to support start-ups with our expertise. DEVCONT GmbH is already invested in several companies in the Internet industry and also acts as an active investor.


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